• David KimbleCOO, Invenio Marketing Solutions, Inc.; former President & CEO of Berwanger, Inc.

    I have had the pleasure of working closely with Lucie on three major projects:  the acquisitions and reorganization that created Invenio Marketing Solutions in 2010, the integration of Berwanger and several other businesses into a new Oil, Gas & Marine business unit at Siemens in 2007, and the acquisition of Berwanger by Siemens in 2006.

    Lucie has the perspective and ability to expertly balance what types of HR and management systems are appropriate for a business, and to help bridge from where they are today to where they need to go.  She understands the need for speed and flexibility in smaller businesses, and she also understands the need for controls and systems as businesses grow.  She is especially good at working with individual managers to help them work with their teams to identify with and implement the needed changes.

    The proof is in the results.  In the Invenio formation project, she worked with all the major shareholders on the new Board to help us come to a successful and mutually supported outcome.  In the major reorganization and integration at Siemens, she was a big part of what made it possible for the various parts to come together such that they continue to thrive today.  In the Berwanger acquisition she helped us navigate the transition from a 200 person consulting company to being part of one of the world’s largest enterprises, while continuing to grow our business.  I am looking forward to my next opportunity to work with Lucie.



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