• Michael JacquesRegional Business Manager, Siemens Industry Inc., former Owner, President/CEO of Steel Related Technology, LLC.

    Lucie Shiff was the US HR Integration Manager when Steel Related Technology was acquired by Siemens and integrated into Siemens Industry Inc.; Lucie was great to work with as she instinctively understood the complex issues associated with the integration of a small successful business within a large corporate framework.  Lucie worked hard to find mutually acceptable solutions to often small points that were not considered strategic to the acquiring company, but very personal to the acquired company, its employees and former owners.  Lucie understood the value of retaining the culture that had provided many years of successful business within the acquired company and worked to retain some of that autonomy where practical within the Siemens culture.  Lucie was a pleasure to work with and I would strongly recommend her as an HR Consultant in mergers and acquisition area.






Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures:                                                                                                          

.  HR Due Diligence
.  HR Integration Support
.  Post Merger Support including Operational and Cultural Assessment
.  Create and develop Communication Strategy
.  Create and develop Retention Strategy

General Human Resources Services:

.  Facilitate Manager Assimilation and Upward Feedback
.  360 degree evaluations
.  Develop and Establish Mentoring Programs
.  Implement and facilitate a Change Management program customized to the needs
.  Review and recommend organizational structure
.  Serve as external resource to organization’s HR Lead
.  Design and provide HR training per needs assessment including:  Behavioral Based interviewing;  Harassment Training; Leadership Training